Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Bone Fish Fishing

Bone fish are a species that live in warm waters all over the world. They are not commonly eaten, except in Hawaii. But they are a popular fish for sport fishing. They are considered among the most popular species for fly fishing and are sought after by many anglers. Bone fish fishing is conducted in most tropical areas. The Bone fish lives in shore but moves to shallow mudflats with the incoming tide to feed. Younger fish swim in larger shoals of fish that are all about the same size. Larger, more mature fish swim in smaller groups or even in pairs.  Bone fishing is a popular sport at exotic locations like the Florida Keys, Nassau, the Bahamas, and Hawaii.
The Marlin is the crown jewel for any fisherman. They are large powerful fish, are rare, and difficult to catch. It can be quite expensive to go Marlin fishing and requires considerable money to pursue as a regular hobby. Most fishermen aspire to go fishing for Marlin at least once in their lives. The Blue Marlin is the most popular type of Marlin for game fishing. They put up a huge fight and can become very large. They are located in warmer waters in both the Atlantic and Indo-Pacific. They can be as far north as Japan or Cape Cod or as far south as Peru or Cape Town because these are influenced by warm currents.
Sailfish fishing makes for another ideal game fishing expedition. It is a fish that lives in warm waters as well and is noted for its large dorsal fin, called a sail, and for its bill which resembles a Sword fish or Marlin. Its color can vary greatly from brown to purple, but most are in the blue to grey color category. Sometimes they may have yellow stripes or iridescent stripes spotted with silver or blue. Their beauty makes them a prize for fishermen. They are known for their incredible strength and high jumps out of the water. They pose a challenge for even the most experienced of fishermen.
Fishing trips are something that every fishermen dreams about. Warm water fishing expeditions offer something that is exotic and special. The game fish of the warm waters are large and nearly always present a challenge. These are the trips that frequent fishermen plan for their entire lives or look back on as the best trips they ever took.